Iron Mine

ID: wh_main_NORSCA_resource_iron

Building Chain

Iron Mine

Building Levels

Level 1 - Iron Mine

A readily-accessible source of iron ore mostly means more deadly weapons for the raiding Northmen.

Iron ore is certainly an important material for any war-mongering group, steel being the primary metal from which Norscan weapons and armour are forged. Norscan mining techniques are slightly more primitive than other races’, due to the fact that thralls are used to do most of the dirty and dangerous work, meaning that safety is often the least of their concerns and mine cave-ins are common. It is thought that with many other races, their primitive mining techniques were originally stolen from the Dwarfs, who were delving into mineshafts long before most races of men were even using fire.

Construction cost: -5% for all buildings
Income generated: 50
Iron resource production: 32 ingots