ID: wh_main_horde_SAVAGEORC_industry

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Bone Carver

Greenskins love to fight, as we all know, but there are more mundane tasks that still must be performed.

Lumbur camps is probably an overly-complex name for what is essentially a big pile of wood. While more competent races seek sturdy trees for their lumber, Orcs given this most un-Orcy of duties will pick up any rotting tree stumps or sticks they can find - let the gits at the saw mill worry about it later!

Income generated: 300

Level 2 - Bone Crafter

Even the Orcs realise that for wood to be a building material you need to do more than pick it up off the floor.

A giant spinning saw created by Goblins is both the most horrifying thing to witness and a stroke of Greenskin brilliance. Powered by goaded War Boars on a treadmill, the saw spins at a rapid speed and can churn through wood, bone, armour and any careless Gobbo that gets within pushing distance of the conveyer belt.

Income generated: 450

Level 3 - Hut of Bones

Sawn into boards, wood is ready for use in war engines, fencing, huts, and even just planks for spanking unruly gits!

Greenskins can be surprisingly industrious and use wood in all manner of ways - not just for hittin’ stuff. Many of their war machines and buildings use wood when combined with mud and other clay-like materials. Of course, not all wood comes from the saw millz, a large portion of it is purloined from human settlements when the Greenskins go raidin’.

Income generated: 600