ID: wh_main_GREENSKIN_industry

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Bone Carver

Bone is a plentiful material for the Savage Orcs, and they use it all manner of ways.

A pile is a moderately good mound of valuables. A Boss may fling some to his Big 'Uns and closest mates, with the rest used as a status symbol. The bigga the pile of shiny stuff, the more successful the Boss is judged to be.

Income generated: 200

Level 2 - Bone Crafter

The bone crafter dwelling is easily recognisable due to all the clattering bone fetishes that hang from its roof.

If a Boss gets a whole heap of shiny stuff then news will travel fast and other Orcs and Goblins may think it's worth havin' a gander to see just how rich this Boss is gonna get!

Income generated: 300

Level 3 - Hut of Bones

Naturally, the Savage Orc Warboss’ favoured bone carver gets to work in the Hut of Bones.

Hoards are rarely just left in the open, they'll be put in a vault or, in the absence of such a secure area, the Boss may well place his "throne" (normally just a big chair) on top of the hoard so he can look down upon supplicants who come before him.

Income generated: 400