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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Weaving House

The deft creation of cloth is one of man's specialities. Their flamboyant clothing couldn’t exist without weavers.

The Weavers' Guild is surprisingly powerful. Even the Burgomeisters are cautious around weavers, for the people of the Empire love their clothes, and so fabrics are produced by them on an industrial scale. Often, machines created by master engineers are used that have resulted in many deaths, usually when a young apprentice falls into the machinery!

Income generated: 250

Level 2 - Clothier

The clothier turns the bolts of cloth from mere linen to garments – anything from shirts to large, frilly pantaloons!

Clothing is an important status symbol in the Empire; generally the higher up your social status and wealth, the frillier and more ostentatious your garments. While a simple Hochlander will get by in a plain shirt, those who attend court with the Countess at Nuln would never dream of being seen without bulging sleeves!

Income generated: 375

Level 3 - Tailors' Guild

For some, fashion is as important as a sharp blade to have upon your person. Tailors offer such bespoke stylings.

In the eyes of the wealthy and privileged, a tailored wardrobe is essential for appearances at court and even on the battlefield. No Graf of good standing would be seen in the same attire in two battles in a row and so the tailors of the more affluent districts are always busy!

Income generated: 500