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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Whorl of Raiders' Remains

Norscan raiders sometimes place the rotting corpses of their dead in a ceremonial circular arrangment for display to the Gods.

There are several strange rites of passage amongst the Northmen, which can vary from tribe to tribe. The frenzied nature of Norscan raids mean that losses are inevitable, whether a raid is successful or not. One particular tribal practice is to bring the remains of the fallen brethren to the centre of the camp and lay them down in a circular arrangement for all to see. For the Northmen, this is seen to honour those who have fought without fear, especially if they died gruesomely in battle and now only exist as bloated, dismembered corpses.

Income from sacking settlements: +10%
Chaos corruption: +1

Level 2 - Marauder Blood-Grove

To draw their Gods' attentions outside of battle, Marauders duel in Blood-Groves to spill each other’s blood in deathly combat.

The most common method used by the Northmen to commune with their Gods comes in battle – either by killing, or being killed. However, sometimes the Marauders seek to prove themselves to their Gods away from the battlefield by duelling each other rather than the enemy, particularly when there is a lull in raiding. Such fights to the death do not always occur for sanctimonious reasons and can sometimes just be a way to settle disputes. Although in reality, if the Marauders disagree with one another, a blood-soaked resolution is arrived at far before the dispute is 'formally' brought to the blood-grove. It matters not – wherever blood is spilt by the Northmen, the Dark Gods will watch with glee.

Income from sacking settlements: +20%
Chaos corruption: +3

Level 3 - Trove Temple of Champions

Whenever possible, the skeletons of kings and champions slain by the Northmen are kept still adorning their priceless crowns and valuable armour.

There are very few instances when the Northmen will show respect to their battlefield opponents. To the Norscan warrior, a man gains honour and respect simply by fighting without fear, even in the face of futility, and some tribal customs even extend this esteem to enemies. One such custom is the storage and display of the bodies of the greatest kings and the bravest warriors of other races that have fallen before the Northmen. Corpses are kept untouched from the moment they were slain in battle and sat in the plunder halls still adorning their priceless armour. They are placed amongst the countless other treasures and other venerable victims, now existing as either skeletons or still-rotting corpses in full battlefield attire.

Income from sacking settlements: +30%
Chaos corruption: +5