ID: wh_main_EMPIRE_tavern

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Tap Room

Smaller taverns are often little more than rooms with kegs of ale stacked along one side of a hay-strewn floor.

Tap rooms are, by their very nature, small drinking holes, and often very rough and ready in appearance - both the places and their patrons. Tap rooms by and large sell mannish brews – ales that a Dwarf would scorn as "cat piss", yet do the job for the weaker constitutions of men.

(tr:public_order_effect): +4

Level 2 - Tavern

Man’s villages and towns across the Old World are dominated by taverns as much as any smithy or general store.

Taverns vary in size and quality throughout the Old World. Food is often an option, and again its quality can vary greatly - from bread with hard cheese that even rats shun to great hearty stews prepared by the in-demand Halfling cooks. But it is the beer that keeps a tavern’s regulars returning, with some establishments even stocking a selection of Dwarfish ales.

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Witch Hunter
Hero recruit rank: +2 for Witch Hunters
(tr:public_order_effect): +6

Level 3 - Coaching Inn

Coaching Inns are large establishments with rooms and stables, found on busy trade routes or in large town centres.

Inns almost always offer food as well as a selection of ales and spirits. They are usually large, multi-storied buildings that, if located outside a town along a lonesome road, will be fortified to dissuade bandits (and worse) from attacking - although this hasn’t always stopped such occurrences in the past!

Hero capacity: +1 for Witch Hunters
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Witch Hunter
Hero recruit rank: +4 for Witch Hunters
(tr:public_order_effect): +10