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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Shieling

Taken from the steppes of the Northern Wastes, Norse steeds are kept at crude shielings, feeding on diluted blood.

Marauder Horsemen can be found across the steppes and wastelands north of Troll Country. Norsemen prefer their longships, but have had contact with the tribes in the west and so often accrue steeds. Norsca is even harsher for the horses than the northern steppes, yet having been born so close to the Realm of Chaos, the horses eschew grass in favour of watered-down blood and even flesh. They are usually kept in shielings - very basic bestial abodes close to camp.

Level 2 - Corral

In tribal villages, steeds are kept in corrals, which stops them from wandering too far and becoming Manticore quarry.

Corrals will be crude affairs, constructed from broken oars and weirwood, with a shieling attached to offer some shelter when the ice-chill winds blow strong. Horsemen are expert hunters. After taking their steeds from the corral, they travel inland far across the glaciers and steppes with axe in hand, looking for vermin and even larger prey to bring back to the village as tribute and food.

Level 3 - Ruinous Stables

As the war-gathering grows, stables become more necessary to keep the myriad mounts and beasts confined and separated – especially from each other.

When a group of tribesmen reaches a certain size, there comes a point when shielings and corrals are no longer sufficient to store all the warriors’ mounts. All good armies of men have divisions of cavalry, and although the Norscan warbands may be viewed by some as being savage and unorganised, they too have the need for mounted units in sufficient numbers to aid them in their raids. Although the war steeds are kept in stables, the Ice Wolves used in the Norscan battle ranks must also share those enclosures, which means they have to be designed and built with partitioning in mind.