ID: wh2_dlc11_vampirecoast_ship_gunports

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Holes in the Side

Time and money didn't allow for much else. At least they’re above the waterline… for now.

Level 2 - Portholes

Glass isn't really necessary in this climate... unless of course you get caught in a bug storm off the coast of Nehekhara! Portholes are for guns, then, more oft than not.

Level 3 - Gunports

Designed and built for a specific purpose, allowing for some flexibility of firing angles and gun elevations.

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Gunnery Wight

Level 4 - Shuttered Gunports

Look, Bernie - now we're just like the Imperial fleet! We’re gonna show 'em 'oos boss - you mark my words!

Hero capacity: +1 for Gunnery Wights
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Gunnery Wight