Guild Workshops

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Building Chain

Guild Workshops

Building Levels

Level 1 - Siege Workshop

As well as fashioning stone, the Dwarfs are also expert carpenters, as the workers in the siege workshops will attest.

Amidst the saw dust and wood shavings and banging of carpentry, the Dwarfs create many things from wood and stone. The largest of these are the Grudge Throwers, catapults that lob shaped stones at the enemy’s walls or army. Each stone has inscribed a grudge or insult carved with letters in the Klinkarhun.

Level 2 - Gunsmith's Forge

The secret of black powder, formulated here, is one shared only between the Empire and Dwarfs.

The powder hall is a part of the Hold not visited often by those who do not work there, for should a naked flame be brought in then the chances of survival are small. Along the blackened walls are many barrels that contain the ingredients for black powder, which, when formulated, is used to power the most deadly weapons in the Dwarf arsenal.

Level 3 - Foundry

The lower deeps of the Dwarfholds glow from the many war machines created in their foundries.

The Dwarfs are the undisputed masters of smithing. Deep in the Holds are the forges of these master smiths, containing great furnaces that burn hotter than the stars. Only the Dwarfs themselves could hope to work in such conditions - no man could and an Elf would simply wilt!

Level 4 - Hangar

Hangars, high among the mountain tops, from which Dwarfen air fleets launch.

As even the most traditionalist Holds grudgingly look upon the "innovative" gyro-machines as a force for the good of the Karaz Ankor, thoughts have turned to how to launch them at speed. Zhufbar was the first to hollow out the highest peaks into a hanger for the Dwarfen air-fleet and others soon followed, even fortifying the sky entrances with flame cannons lest an invader choose that vector for attack.