Gold Mining

ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_resource_gold

Building Chain

Gold Mining

Building Levels

Level 1 - Tarnished Gold Shaft

Gold found here is always tarnished and far from the pure element so beloved by Dwarfs. Nevertheless, it has value.

Gold can be found in Sylvania's mountains but it is always tarnished, as if ruined by its proximity to Warpstone. Even so, tarnished gold can find markets further into Stirland and even Ostermark. Still, Sylvania is bordered by the World's Edge Mountains, those very same seams where Dwarfs find their gold and gems...

Income generated: 500

Level 2 - Tarnished Gold Mine

When a Vampire Count discovers a large seam of gold, he will send his minions forth to scour it clean.

Larger seams of tarnished gold benefit from a grander infrastructure - dank mines are established and run throughout the day and night, as Zombie workers tirelessly hack into the mountain to bring the black-hearted noble his mound of tarnished gold.

Income generated: 750

Level 3 - Balefire Gold Smeltery

A great furnace with an ornate, brazen face, and yellow-green balefire within its sneering mouth.

There are a few smelteries within Sylvania, although the vast majority of its blackened gold is shipped out to provinces where skilled goldsmiths are able to make the best of it. Even so, smelteries under the Vampires' dominion produce a gold with a greenish sheen. Dwarfs reject such material outright, but Vampires enjoy the aesthetic, and even take pride in it.

Income generated: 1000