ID: wh_main_NORSCA_garrison

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Guard Shack

Norsemen guard their possessions and keep themselves safe from the harsh land's many predators.

Whether camp or village, the Marauders have learnt over many generations that they need to stand watch over what meagre possessions they have or they will be taken away. As devout as they are, their Ruinous masters are capricious and would think nothing of their deaths.

Level 2 - Watchtower

Watch Towers are erected if a settlement grows to the extent that it is considered worth guarding against external terrors.

Marauder tribes have no real concept of defence, therefore defensive structures are alien to them - after all, hiding behind walls is what the southlanders do to avoid them! The Norse spend their time raiding other civilisations and have little interest or skill in wall-building. However, the more established a settlement becomes, the more its Chieftain will want to protect all he has accrued, so basic Watch Towers are built to warn the tribes of enemy incursion.

Level 3 - Marauding Militia

The militia forced to protect the camp tend to be angrier, more bloodthirsty, and hell-bent on having their day.

No Northman likes to be left behind during a raid, but sometimes it is necessary to protect the warband’s possessions. Since raids are often carried out in batches, as soon as some loot is acquired someone needs to watch it when subsequent forays are underway. Needless to say, the men chosen do the task do it begrudgingly – after all, Norscans live to raid, not to guard assets. More often than not, the members of the militia are being punished for some minor transgression or another against the tribe, or maybe the Chieftain just doesn’t like them!