ID: wh_main_EMPIRE_garrison

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Guard House

Often attached to the walls they protect, the guard house offers shelter and perhaps a hot drink for those on patrol.

Guard houses are effectively small bases and mustering stations for the settlement’s guards. These may be state troops on defensive duty, older veterans or even young ’uns not quite ready for full investment in the local regiment.

Enemy Hero action success chance: -10%

Level 2 - City Watch

The Watch is an organised constabulary; not always honest, but still a capable defensive force should the need arise!

While partial to the odd bribe, a City Watch is generally a boon to the town or city it patrols – stamping down on crime not sanctioned by the local Guild of Shadows but also ensuring order in the teeming streets. Should the settlement come under threat from outside forces then hopefully the Watch will band together for its defence!

Enemy Hero action success chance: -15%
(Hidden Effect) Used for settlements to identify the presence of 15m walls (Hellenic / Roman / Eastern)
Adds walls to the settlement