ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_garrison

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Corpse Pile

A pile of writhing corpses from which a shambling patrol of Zombies will emerge.

Piles of cadavers are deposited by Corpse Carts in places that a Vampire or Necromancer wants watched. Occasionally, one or two corpses will pull themselves free from the mire of writhing limbs and shamble forth on a short patrol route before merging back into the pile - assuming there was nothing living to feed off.

Enemy Hero action success chance: -10%

Level 2 - Grave Guard Watchtower

Throughout the cursed realm stand watchtowers of bone. Within are the Grave Guard - always on duty and ready to strike.

Standing sentinel throughout Sylvania are watchtowers. At the top stand the vigilant Grave Guard, with yearning mouths always open and piercing red eyes that never close. The tower's inhabitants do not take such action just against the smallfolk, but any intruders and invaders that dare approach.

Enemy Hero action success chance: -15%
(Hidden Effect) Used for settlements to identify the presence of 15m walls (Hellenic / Roman / Eastern)
Adds walls to the settlement