ID: wh_main_SAVAGEORC_garrison

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Savage Watch Tower

Goblins have keener sight than Orcs, so the "scrawny gits" generally man the watch towers.

Watch Towers allow Greenskins to "keep an eye on fings" not happening in the immediate vicinity of the settlement. Goblins have keener eyesight and are better at heights so are more suited to the role, although they get bored easily, and frequently end up either flinging each other off or sitting around singing about Trolls in the Pantry and rarely actually doing any watchin’!

Level 2 - Savage Guard Post

Orcs that get guard duty are not the Boss’ chosen boyz, they probably skulked at the back during a charge.

Orc Guard Houses range from shacks close to important locations in the camp, such as gates or chambers set aside to keep the Boss’ pile of shiny stuff safe. It’s a dull job, when all you want to really do is bash the enemy; but some fool has to do it. On the plus side, you get to sit in the guard house picking bogies out of your nose.