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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Gunsmith

One who is well-versed in the secrets of shaping ores into gun and artillery barrels. It is a skill set in much demand.

While any blacksmith can hammer out a horse shoe, there are only a few that have been taught at the Gunnery School of Nuln to fashion gun and artillery barrels. To keep their prices high, the Gunsmith’s Guild jealously guards its secrets, such as how to cool the barrels upright and rifling inside them so shots fire straight!

Level 2 - Foundry

The Empire’s war needs cannot be matched by a single forge, so large foundries are built to keep up with demand.

The Empire’s foundries are huge, hot and acrid places – topped by vast, ash-spilling chimneys, where blackpowder weapons are smelted and manufactured. Many foundries can be found in Altdorf around the Engineer’s School, but Nuln is also well served to keep the Imperial Gunnery School stocked with Great Cannons.

Level 3 - Engineer's Workshop

Master Engineers are eccentrics, their workshops home to crazy inventions and devastating weapons.

An Engineer’s workshop is a treasure trove of failed experiments and bizarre inventions. The vast majority of these are liable to cause more harm than good on the battlefield. Occasionally, though, a Master Engineer will develop something that can even rival the artifice of the Dwarfs. Leonardo’s Steam Tank is one such example.