Forest Beasts

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Building Chain

Forest Beasts

Building Levels

Level 1 - Wolf Den

Wolves are rarely penned in, for to keep such creatures against their will is a mistake.

Denz vary greatly in size and location depending on the settlement in question. Some wolves are kept in deep caves along with the Squigs, while in other places ramshackle shelters are built for wolf packs. Goblins have learnt - often at great personal cost - that the best way to keep wolves close is to dump a great deal of meat into their denz. The "meat" will most likely be chopped up prisoners, but occasionally it will be a gobbo who foolishly crossed the kennul-master!

Level 2 - Gloomy Hollowz

It is in the gloomiest, dankest parts of the forest where the Spiders make their nests and lay their eggs.

The web-covered, twisted boughs of trees deep in the forest are a sure sign of spider lairs. The Forest Goblins call these gloomy hollowz and with good reason, for Wolf-Spiders, Great Body-Burrowers, Blue Skullbacks and myriad other giant arachnid species nest there. Other types make the dank caves deep underground their home.

Level 3 - Sacred Spider Groundz

Deep in the forests, the children of the many-eyed and many-legged "Feasters from Beyond" lurk.

Instead of fleeing from the deepwood behemoths, Forest Goblin tribes began to purposefully seek out and encamp near Arachnarok lairs. There the tribe proffer the beasts sacrifices and use Shamans to coax the creatures away from the sacred spider groundz and towards the enemy.