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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Fields

The Old World has many mouths to feed; grain provides the grist for mills and the base ingredient for spirits.

Crops of any kind are hard to grow in the Old World. A hostile climate is but one obstacle, but there is also the constant footfall of armies trampling over any hard-won harvest. Yet lack of supply certainly doesn’t create demand, the grain that does make it to market, is depressed in price with the population attaching more value to cold steel than food.

Casualty replenishment rate: +2%
Growth: +20

Level 2 - Farm

Farms large and small cross the Old World – growing crops, especially grains, for the crowded towns and cities.

To be a farmer is a trial as perilous as any soldier’s career. The weather in the Old World is unpredictable and tainted by Chaos – it may rain teeth as well as water. Then, often far from the relative safety of the towns and villages, there are bandits and other fell things to deal with…

Casualty replenishment rate: +3%
Growth: +30

Level 3 - Landed Estate

Wherever the forest breaks, large swathes of land are given over to agriculture, most of which is owned by nobles.

While the Empire is vast, much of it lies under a dense forest canopy. Where the sun is allowed to touch the ground, agriculture is a priority. Landed estates are noble-owned farms of prodigious acreage, producing many tonnes of arable crops for the markets.

Casualty replenishment rate: +4%
Growth: +40