Effigies of Chaos

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Building Chain

Effigies of Chaos

Building Levels

Level 1 - Chaos Totem

The various Norscan depictions of the Ruinous Ones are put on display for all to see.

Although the Northmen live for battle, they are an extremely superstitious people whose ambitions are to ultimately face the judgement of their Gods. The primary place of commune with their deities is on the battlefield, where they offer up the deaths of those they slay. But there are also places back at camp where the Ruinous Ones are depicted in various ways depending on local tribal beliefs. These locations are not used for worship or prayer, however, but are mostly places littered with the lesser offerings of entrails and organs, both human and animal, around the various effigies.

Level 2 - Altar of the Bloodfathers

Mysterious shamanic ritual helps bring even the most powerful and destructive mutant leviathans under the warband’s control.

It is not easy to bring large creatures such as Giants or Mammoths under control to use as beasts of war. Such large brutish creatures are often extremely strong-willed and stubborn. Giants at least can be bribed with things like man-flesh and alcohol, whereas War Mammoths cannot be reasoned with in the same way. Therefore, in many strongholds an altar might be built for use by the Shaman-Sorcerers, upon which they conduct mysterious rituals to gain control over the colossuses of the troop.