Dye Production

ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_resource_dyes

Building Chain

Dye Production

Building Levels

Level 1 - Red Pit

Deep in the red pits can be found mercury in the raw form of cinnabar. A material often used in Dark Magic rituals.

Mercury is in demand throughout the Empire. In its raw form, it can be refined as pigment for clothing and inks. The Gold College will go to extensive lengths to obtain it - including striking secret deals with dark forces. Of course, Sylvanian residents have other uses for mercury, as it works well with Dark Magic - the two things bond extremely well.

Income generated: 100
Dyes resource production: 16 ounces

Level 2 - Blood Mines

The Blood Mines are red as cinnabar - and occasionally Warpstone - are found here in significant seams.

The Blood Mines are so called for the cinnabar found in the area. That is not to say that the mines are never awash with blood. Should a Varghulf take residence then there will be half-eaten corpses and streams of bloody gore. Yet the unrefined mercury within is a powerful resource, both domestically and commercially, providing the right sort of factors and intermediaries are used.

Income generated: 150
Dyes resource production: 24 ounces

Level 3 - Pigment Grinder's Shop

Best not choose the dark green powder, though, it certainly isn't snuff!

Red as a colour is always in demand, for it is the colour of blood, of war and even used by the von Carsteins on their banners. For pigment grinders, red is more ubiquitous than noble purple but more difficult to formulate than brown or green. Sylvanian red is known as "blood red" for obvious reasons.

Income generated: 200
Dyes resource production: 32 ounces