Dye Production

ID: wh_main_HUMAN_resource_dyes

Building Chain

Dye Production

Building Levels

Level 1 - Cinnabar Mining Pit

Cinnabar, also known as blood rock, is a mineral which contains mercury, prized by alchemists and dye-makers alike.

Cinnabar shafts not controlled by the Dwarfs are almost always owned by the Gold College, who need a constant supply of mercury for their acolytes' many experiments in alchemy. However, the Dye-Makers' Guild also needs blood rock to get a very distinctive shade of crimson for use in garments, thus Cinnabar is in demand.

Income generated: 100
Dyes resource production: 20 ounces

Level 2 - Cinnabar Mine

Blood rock mines are larger excavation sites for when substantial cinnabar deposits are discovered.

When the Dye-makers' Guild discovered that the Gold College had effectively monopolised the world’s supply of blood rock, these two disparate organisations effectively went to war. Free Companies of Guild apprentices laid siege to the cinnabar mines in Wissenland, the stockade only falling when a coterie of Gold Wizards appeared and turned the besiegers into statues!

Income generated: 150
Dyes resource production: 30 ounces

Level 3 - Dyemaker

Usually situated in the same noxious district as the tanners, a dye-maker’s plant also spills out fumes.

Those who work with dye rarely live to a good age, for they deal in acrid liquids and other foul brews to create colours for garments. This is done in order to keep up with the rapacious fashions of clashing colours that dominate the various courts of the Empire, Bretonnia, and especially Tilea. It is not for nothing that Tilean Princes are known as peacocks!

Income generated: 200
Dyes resource production: 45 ounces