Cloven Ones

ID: wh_dlc03_horde_beastmen_gors

Building Chain

Cloven Ones

Building Levels

Level 1 - Dug-Out

A rudimentary shelter furthest from the camp's pyre, little more than an indent in the bony ground.

Dug-outs are more like gouges taken out of the rutted and bone-strewn ground. They are normally furthest from the centre of the camp, close to the Warhound pens and where the Spawn are chained. This is where the lesser beasts seek a rudimentary shelter. And even then, tribal hierarchy is still a factor as the Ungor fight amongst themselves to see who will get to lie in the dug outs and who must sleep on the forest floor.

Level 2 - Pit-Hovel

A pit hovel is a deeper rut, which, amidst the detritus, is where some Ungors choose to reside.

Often starting as mere dug-outs, pit-hovels get deeper, offering better protection from the elements, making them more desirable to the Ungor that claim them. However, while the Ungor regard the hovels as crude lairs, the Gors of the warherd use them as disposal pits, a place to cast off rotting carcasses, and other foul detritus. Of course, they are fully aware that such pits are also Ungor hovels, but that makes their use as refuse heaps all the more satisfying.

Upkeep: -5% for Ungor units

Level 3 - Rude Burrow

Burrows inhabited by Gors often have stinking and gore-infested hides around their entrances.

Burrows are never more than temporary shelters for the Gors, as they will quickly move onto to another part of the blood-grounds. Yet when they do seek shelter in a root-and-earthen enclave they will often seal such area with hide, freshly flayed from some unfortunate prey, be they mannish filth or some other poor creature. These same hides can be used in battle, hardened and placed on their crude shields.

Upkeep: -10% for Ungor units

Level 4 - Pelt Totem

Pelts are placed on a grim totem, then taken into war by the herd's most fearsome warriors.

Beastmen put great stock in their fetishes and grim totems, and will quickly festoon any camp or clearing they claim with such vile tokens. For the Bestigors, it is the collected pelts of vanquished Gors and other forest prey that mark their status within the warherd. Their trophies are draped over a totem by the Bestigor tents when in camp, but taken and worn when they roam the beast-paths.

Upkeep: -5% for Gor units
Upkeep: -15% for Ungor units