ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_ossuary

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Charnel Pit

This mass grave acts like a locus for Necromancers and their ilk, for it contains many fresh bodies ripe for recruitment.

In a world of unremitting war, a decent burial is something granted only to the few. For the remainder, a mass grave must suffice, with enough stones on top to deter wild beasts, and enough icons to draw down the blessing of the various gods of the dead. Alas, such charnel pits attract Necromancers and other dark sorcerers like, vultures to carrion.

Growth: +20

Level 2 - Lychyard

A vile place of discarded gravestones, statuary, rotting limbs, headless bodies that still crawl, and lots and lots of bones.

Lichyards are may once have been gravesites but that use has long since been forgotten - now they are pits of the damned. Where fallen mausoleums are mashed together with desiccated limbs, broken, zombified parts that refuse to return inanimate, chittering skulls and piles upon piles of bone.

Hero capacity: +1 for Necromancers
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Necromancer
Growth: +25
Local recruitment capacity: +1

Level 3 - Ossuary

Ossuaries are the resting places of skeletal remains, originally reserved for Morr's greatest subjects, but long since defiled.

When a Priests of Morr perishes, his remains are treated with extreme reverence by his brethren and placed in a an ossuary, often located at the centre of a Garden of Morr. A Vampire Count that excavates such a find will be able to increase his Undead host quickly, as the remains are summoned to join them.

Hero capacity: +1 for Necromancers
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Necromancer
Hero recruit rank: +1 for Necromancers
Growth: +30
Local recruitment capacity: +2