ID: wh_main_EMPIRE_barracks

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Training Field

It is on the training field that soldiers first learn the most important of attributes, that of discipline.

Large, pock-marked fields are used to train men. First and foremost they learn discipline – with a Sergeant barking orders at ranks of spears and swordsmen until he is red in the face. Once regiments can act as cohesive units, then they may stand a chance against mankind’s many foes.

Level 2 - Rally Field

On hearing the call to muster, it is to the rally field the regiments will gather.

The Empire’s armies are blessedly large, for it is discipline and numbers that form the bulwark of its might. The rally fields are where these mighty formations of troops – from Swordsmen to Halberdiers and Crossbowmen – muster and then march out to face their foes.

Level 3 - Barracks

Barracks are, by necessity, large billet houses for accommodating State Troops.

The Elector Counts all need to ensure they have a battle-ready defence at any time, a barracks that houses the majority of state troops. More prestigious regiments, such as Greatswords, may have their own wing of the barracks or even a separate quarters, earned for their prowess in battle.

Hero capacity: +1 for Captains
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Empire Captain
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Captain