ID: wh_main_DWARFS_barracks

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Sparring Chamber

You never know when a grudge will need to be settled.

Any Dwarf warrior worth his beard likes to keep his axe skills sharp. Sparring chambers are oft found in the lower deeps of a Hold or fortress. They are the places where Dwarf Warriors and the fractious Dawi of the mining Guilds come to test their mettle and the keenness of their axes or mattocks.

Level 2 - Clan Barracks

Dwarfs called to war gather in their Clan barracks, ready for a Thane’s order to move out.

Dwarf barracks are long halls with rows of short stone pallets for resting and lengthy tables for feasting and drinking. Greenskin heads are mounted at the far end, usually with bolts sprouting from them where the Quarrellers have fired off their practice shots.

Level 3 - Mustering Hall

When the Dwarf throngs prepare to march it is to the mustering halls they come, ready for the call to war.

The horns will sound through the Hold and from the barracks will file the Dwarfs with axes out and sharp. The horn’s deep sound will also bring the grumbling Longbeards from the council chambers and the Slayers from the shrines to from a form a throng worthy of Grudgebearer’s rage!

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Thane