ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_balefire

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Balefire Brazier

Often seen on Corpse Carts, balefire braziers contain an infernal flame that spreads a foul contagion.

Balefire braziers are large corroded iron cages, burning with a bright, sickly hellfire. As the smoke billows outwards it spreads across the lands withering trees, scorching grass and drawing the buried dead closer to the surface. It is little wonder that Undead hosts leave such braziers in their wake, for the land will wither and more Undead will come.

Vampiric corruption: +3

Level 2 - Balefire Hearth

A balefire hearth is a larger structure than a mere brazier - a raging hellfire inferno contained in a large, unholy fire pit.

The great hearths located in the main halls of the largest Sylvanian castles have belched out the black, green and acrid smoke of corruption for as long as the von Carsteins have ruled. Once built, the balefire within the heath blazes hot and sonorous, bathing the battlefield in acrid smoke. Soon, others were created, spreading Undeathly contagions across the suffering world.

Vampiric corruption: +4
Vampiric corruption in adjacent provinces: +2

Level 3 - Witch House

Deep in the woods stands a hovel, surrounded by cruel fetishes. From its chimney pumps balefire smoke to wither the lands.

Grave harridans - evil souls now stuck in the ether as Tomb Banshees - can often be found haunting their mortal abodes, where many sacrifices took place. These witch houses were built on places of dark power - maybe a ruined temple or a dark altar of an ancient cult. In its grate burns balefire that pumps out of the chimney to wither the lands.

Vampiric corruption: +6
Vampiric corruption in adjacent provinces: +4